sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 13, 2005

Lankadietti alkaa pian! Yarn diet is going to start soon!

Suunnittelen neulovani kaikkea nopeaa ja helppoa ja paljon. Ajattelin käyttää joutuisia, paksuja lankoja.

I'm planning to knit all kinds of easy and fast, and a lot of it. I'm thinking of using rapid and thick yarns.

About our yarn diet:
There is a group of Finnish knitters, desiding not to by any yarn for a month. The one, who has been knitted the most during that time, wins a packet of yarn. It's hopeless mission to me to win this competition, but I have my personal goal to see how much I can knit.

Finnish knitter, Kristel ( made up this wonderful and fun idea, because active knitters usually have too much yarn!

This link leads You to the site where You can see the list of contributors: